Postdoctorate within Africa


The purpose of the programme is to provide opportunities to post-doctoral researchers from Sub-Saharan Africa to conduct cooperative research within the region, under the guidance of one of the selected host institutions. The programme is designed to support post-doctoral training.

DAAD is offering approximately 10 fellowships in 2017.


Applicants have to:

Be senior or prospective teaching / or research staff, preferably former DAAD scholarship-holders in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Have completed their Ph.D. degree.

Submit an invitation from a Sub-Saharan African host institution together with a concept note which must have been arranged in advance with the host researcher.

Be nationals of a Sub-Saharan African country.

Come preferable from other countries than the country where the programme takes place

Applications may come from all subject areas with strong relevance to national development (excluding the humanities and fine arts).

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