Programmes for Alumni of German Universities

This programme targets German universities and their former students from developing countries. The support for economic, technological and social transformation processes in developing countries can only be effectively provided from outside, if it is based on cooperation with key local players. Academics from developing countries who gained their university training or part of it in Germany can play an important role as key players in development cooperation.

Programme goals:
  • Ongoing continuation of the education and training effects achieved during original stay in Germany.
  • Maintenance and cultivation of contacts with individuals who can act as multipliers and disseminators for academic collaboration with Germany.
  • Provision of current specialist and disciplinary information and knowledge from Germany that is of development policy relevance for the alumni and their countries of origin.
  • Improved frameworks and prospects for collaboration between alumni and German development cooperation bodies and/or German business and industry
Who can apply?
  • German universities
  • Registered alumni clubs in developing countries
  • Local/regional network centres of the specialist disciplinary alumni networks in agreement with the coordinating German university

Activity A:

Alumni continuing education and training events (Expert seminars and/ or summer or winter schools) in Germany or abroad

Activity B:

Networking of Alumni. Use the Alumniportal Deutschland to build strong ties that last.

Please also check your own German university website from time to time to see what seminars/workshops are taking place.

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