Individual Cooperation


Long Term Lecturership

Objectives of the programme

DAAD can assist foreign universities in the recruitment and placement of German Academic teaching staff and fund long term teaching assignments. This refers in particular to universities in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the CIS.

DAAD long term lecturers are supposed to teach about 12 hours per week, preferably in postgraduate programmes and to take over additional duties related to staff development such as supervision on Master and PhD thesis work, joint research papers etc.

The duration of a long-term assignment is at least six months and can be extended up to 5 years.


The University informs DAAD of a particular staff position for which a German University teacher is required and submits a job description with the terms of reference (forms are available from German Embassies and the Regional Office in Nairobi.) If the request fits into the DAAD programme policy and budget, DAAD identifies suitable candidates.

A committee of German university professors interviews the candidates and selects the one who best meets the universities specific requirements. Then, the application documents are submitted to the requesting university for final decision.

Terms of support for the guest professor

If the local university accepts the candidate, it offers him/her an employment contract with regular local salary and benefits DAAD pays a topping up to the local salary. If the university is not in a position to cover international travel expenses, DAAD will provide for such.

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Programme Officer at DAAD Head Office, Bonn: Ms. Gisela Nürenberg,

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