Study visits to Germany for Groups of Foreign Students


The DAAD funds Study Visits / Study Seminars and Practicals in Germany by groups of foreign students headed by a university teacher.

Objectives of the Funding:

The programme aims to

  • provide students with subject-related knowledge by arranging appropriate visits, tours and information meetings (Study Visits) or by organising subject-related seminars and practical courses (e.g. specialist courses, block seminars, workshops) at the invitation of a German university. This university is also responsible for organising practical courses with universities, companies and, possibly, public institutions (Study Seminars and Practicals)
  • facilitate meetings with German students, academics and researchers to establish and maintain contacts between German and foreign universities
  • give students a greater understanding of and insight (regional and area studies) into economic, political and cultural life in Germany. The part must not make up more than one third of the whole stay.
  • must be submitted online only

Applications must have been submitted via the DAAD Portal by the following deadlines at the latest:

1 February each year for trips starting from 1 June
(The DAAD decides in mid-April)

1 May each year for trips starting from 1 September
(The DAAD decides in mid-July).

1 November each year for trips starting from 1 March
(The DAAD decides in mid-January)


Programme Officer: Margaret Kirai

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