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2016-04-20 Team Photos Helmut Blumbach 103x155 - Copy _3_

Dr. Helmut Blumbach


e-mail: info@daadafrica.org

2016-04-20 Team Photos Margaret Kirai 103x155 _5_

Margaret Kirai

Deputy Director, Administrator, Programme Officer for university partnerships; DIES Programmes; German visiting lecturers; study visits to Germany for university staff; study trips to Germany for foreign students

e-mail: kirai@daadafrica.org

Tel: +254 724 253 230 

2016-04-20 Team Photos Bonface Karugah Nyagah _103x155 _3_

Bonface Karugah Nyagah

Programme Officer for In-Country and In-Region Scholarship Programmes for university staff development, African Scientific Networks, Post-doctorate fellowships, IT Coordinator

e-mail: bonface@daadafrica.org

Tel: +254 733 465 720

2016-04-20 Team Photos Anja Bengelstorff 103x155 _4_

Anja Bengelstorff

Programme Officer for African scholarship holders to Germany (PhD scholarships to Germany, Development-Related Postgraduate Courses, Public Policy and Good Governance Programme, Joint PhD scholarship programme with the Governments of Kenya and Rwanda), Germans studying in Africa, Newsletter, Website

e-mail: bengelstorff@daadafrica.org

2016-04-20 Team Photos Sabine Bretz 103x155

Sabine Bretz

Programme Officer for Knowledge Management; Coordination of regional expertise of Higher Education in East Africa; Alumni Programmes

e-mail: bretz@daadafrica.org

Tel: +254 771 444 111 

2016-04-20 Team Photos Maureen Githae 103x155 _4_

Maureen Githae

Assistant Programme Officer In-Country/In-Region Scholarships

e-mail: maureen@daadafrica.org

Tel: +254 771 444 111

2016-04-20 Team Photos Jamila Mohamed 103x155 _3_

Jamila Mohamed

Programme Assistant; Assistant of the director

e-mail: jamila@daadafrica.org

Tel: +254 771 444 111

2016-04-20 Team Photos Sabine Bretz 103x155 _2_

Susan Mwangi

Office Assistant

e-mail: mwangi@daadafrica.org

Tel: +254 771 444 111 

2016-04-20 Team Photos Ryne Jirongo 103x155 _7_

Ryne Jirongo

Assistant Administrator; Reception Desk; Driver

e-mail: ryne@daadafrica.org

Tel: +254 733 929 929, +254 703 459 287

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