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DIES - (Dialogue on Innovative Higher Education Strategies)

Academic collaboration between African and German universities

Applications have to be handed in to DAAD Head Office in Bonn by the German partner, in agreement with the foreign partner(s).

Addis Abeba

This DAAD programme area aims at an international exchange of experience in matters of innovative higher education policy and increased partnership co-operation between higher education institutions in industrialised and developing countries

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The DIES programme is for university principals and executive staff from the central university administration, heads of central university facilities (international offices, career services centres, technology transfer centres, university-wide graduate schools, etc.), deans and faculty managers as well as heads of higher education management programmes.

What is funded?

  • Introducing innovations into the institutional management of universities or faculties (e.g. target agreements, decentralization)
  • Introducing or advancing the strategic development planning or quality management systems (at institutional or faculty level)
  • Introducing systematic cooperation with external stakeholders into the development of the university or faculties (graduate and destination surveys, contact workshops, alumni networks, fundraising, etc.).
  • Establishing and enhancing central university facilities (international offices, career services centers, technology transfer centers, university-wide graduate schools, etc.)
  • Establishing and advancing tertiary continuing and postgraduate training programmes on topics relating to higher education management and administration

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Ms. Stephanie Rosenstock 
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