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Subject-related Partnerships

Subject-related Partnerships with Universities in Developing Countries

The programme focuses on building structures at partner universities. Measures therefore concentrate on improving teaching in the partner countries.

Financial support for university partnerships is intended to stimulate and strengthen university collaboration for development. In particular, this support aims to pursue the following objectives:

  1. To further raise the standards of universities in developing countries in their teaching, research, services and management methods (“institutional development”);
  2. To promote the education and training of the participating members of the universities in the developing countries (professors, junior faculty, graduate and undergraduate students), and to advance experience in international cooperation;
  3. To stabilize university partnership/ cooperation agreements (made possible by financial support over a period of several years), which in turn permits long-term institutional ties to be formed;
  4. To create networks between German universities and their partner institutions, as well as “South-South-Networks”;
  5. To find partners who can work as multipliers in their home country and so specifically promote intercultural understanding and dialogue;
  6. To raise the sensitivity and awareness of German universities and their staff members for development policy problems. Knowledge of the needs and particularities of the individual developing countries is to be increased; by passing on this experience to students, the current and future availability of experts can be expanded;
  7. To raise the appeal of German universities and strengthen Germany’s position as an international centre for science, research and education

Maximum amount of funding: 50,000 Euros/year

In the case of a multilateral cooperation (a Northern partner in cooperation with two or more Southern partners). As a rule in different partner countries), the funding volume for a South-South exchange may be increased up to 20,000 Euros per year.

Funding period: maximum four years

Application deadline annually June, 30th (Online application by German university only)

Selections in the following months (start of funding in January the following year)

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